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Additions and amendments to the site FAQ.

Curious Newbie

duck: section for the curious but unknowing potential users. shouldnt be too technical, just the first X questions that get asked by those not having used I2P before. I hate the title newbie though, too derogative

  • Why do I need I2P?

Privacy, security, anonymity. We help whistleblowers, dissidents and people subject to harsh penalties for traceably expressing their freedom of expression. I2P is not so much a program you need as a network you participate it. We provide you with instant anonymous webmail, anonymous filsharing, anonymous chat, your own anonymous website. Encrypted, safe, free. If you believe in the right to privacy, you need I2P.

  • I've heard of Tor. What's different about I2P? Should I use both?

I2P and Tor both offer means of communicating anonymously and untraceably on the internet.

duck: awesome question, needs to be compressed for maximum effect.

  • What is the difference between I2P and Freenet, TOR, JonDoe?.

duck: do people still know Freenet? couple years ago it was the privacy thing that everybody was aware of. any other (regional) candidates?

  • Whats an "eepsite"? Who is "Itoopie"? What is a darknet?
  • Is it safe? Has the code been audited?

duck: splendid stuff, suggest rephrasing to atleast mention privacy / anonymity. safe is too generic.

  • Is my router an "exit node" to the regular Internet? I don't want it to be.

You're confusing Tor and I2P! By default, everyone on the network participates in the network to help route traffic for other I2P users. We do not configure an "outproxy" on a default installation, so the only traffic a default I2P installation will route will be for other I2P routers (nodes) within the network, encrypted and anonymous by design.

  • What is syndie and is it still active?
  • I have a question!

Geek / Academic

duck: section for those who have tried I2P, and are interested in the internals / limits, etc. powerusers but NOT developers.

  • What crypto is used?

  • How does I2P bootstrap?
  • How safe is this 'bootstrap' process?

duck: what is safe? who'd ask this question? not sure about this one

  • What is a floodfill?

duck: how will they know about floodfill? can we rephrase it elsewhere to make this floodfill clear at the first point of introduction.

  • Will I2P be able to cope with a huge influx of new users? (Does it scale?)

  • What ports does I2P use?

  • What happened to * What happened to jrandom? Is I2P dead?
  • What do you mean by "no trusted parties"?
  • Do I need to mess with my router to get I2P to work? Do I need to port forward to participate?


  • How can I be sure I'm not being spied on?
  • Do they know I will be running I2P? Is running I2P illegal?

  • Is using an outproxy safe? (What are these inproxies and outproxies?)
  • Steganography rants

Political / Ethical / Philosphical

  • Isn't I2P encouraging copyright infringement?
  • Criminal Activity (snuff/bestiality/cp/terrorism etc)

  • I am opposed to certain types of content. How do I keep from distributing, storing, or accessing them?


  • I'm missing lots of hosts in my addressbook. What are some good subscription links?

  • My active peers / known peers / participating tunnels / connections / bandwidth vary dramatically over time! Is anything wrong?
  • My router is using too much CPU?!?

  • My router has very few active peers, is this OK?

  • I can't access regular Internet sites through I2P.

  • I2P is running, but I can't get to my gmail (or other regular websites) .. (https://)

  • How do I connect to IRC within I2P?
  • How do I access IRC, BitTorrent, or other services on the regular Internet?
  • Most of the eepsites within I2P are down?
  • How do I set up my own eepsite?
  • Why is I2P so slow?

  • What do the Active x/y numbers mean in the router console?
  • Is it possible to use I2P as a SOCKS proxy?
  • How do I reseed manually?
  • I think I found a bug, where can I report it?
  • I have I2P running and I'm on #i2p through freenode (so I think I'm done setting up) but why I can't load any eepsites?

duck: where is this question going?


  • How can I access the web console from my other machines or password protect it?
  • How can I use applications from my other machines?
  • How do I startup I2P automatically on boot time?


duck: I dont think these should be part of the I2P core FAQ.

  • Bittorrent / I2PSnark / Azureus I2P Plugin Questions?
  • WTF is all this noise about Seedless?
  • I've heard a rumor of something called I2FS. What is it?
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is weird! What is a changate? Who is Fox? Who is CIA?