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Additions and amendments to the site FAQ.


  • How does I2P bootstrap to the network?
  • How do I know seeding the database is safe?
  • What is a floodfill?
  • WTF is all this noise about Seedless?
  • I've heard a rumor of something called I2FS. What is it?
  • What is a changate? Who is Fox? Who is CIA?

=Crypto & Paranoia=

  • How can I be sure I'm not being spied on?
  • Isn't I2P encouraging copyright infringment?

=Setup & Configuration=

  • I2P is running, but I can't get to my gmail (or other outernet site) .. (https://)
  • I have I2P running and I'm on #i2p (so I think I'm done setting up) but I can't load any eepsites (though I don't know I'm coming into irc through a changate)?