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Additions and amendments to the site FAQ.

Curious Newbie

duck: section for the curious but unknowing potential users. shouldnt be too technical, just the first X questions that get asked by those not having used I2P before. I hate the title newbie though, too derogative

  • Why do I need I2P?
  • I've heard of Tor. What's different about I2P? Should I use both?

duck: awesome question, needs to be compressed for maximum effect.

  • What is the difference between I2P and Freenet.

duck: do people still know Freenet? couple years ago it was the privacy thing that everybody was aware of. any other (regional) candidates?

  • Is it safe? Has the code been audited?

duck: splendid stuff, suggest rephrasing to atleast mention privacy / anonymity. safe is too generic.

Geek / Academic

duck: section for those who have tried I2P, and are interested in the internals / limits, etc. powerusers but NOT developers.

  • What crypto is used?

  • How does I2P bootstrap?
  • How safe is this 'bootstrap' process?

duck: what is safe? who'd ask this question? not sure about this one

  • What is a floodfill?

duck: how will they know about floodfill? can we rephrase it elsewhere to make this floodfill clear at the first point of introduction.

  • Will I2P be able to cope with a huge influx of new users? (Does it scale?)


  • How can I be sure I'm not being spied on?
  • Do they know I will be running I2P?
  • Steganography rants

Political / Ethical / Philosphical

  • Isn't I2P encouraging copyright infringement?
  • CP



  • I2P is running, but I can't get to my gmail (or other regular websites) .. (https://)
  • I have I2P running and I'm on #i2p (so I think I'm done setting up) but I can't load any eepsites (though I don't know I'm coming into irc through a changate)?


  • Connect to router from the LAN
  • Password protect the router
  • Startup I2P automatically


duck: I dont think these should be part of the I2P core FAQ.

  • WTF is all this noise about Seedless?
  • I've heard a rumor of something called I2FS. What is it?
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is weird! What is a changate? Who is Fox? Who is CIA?