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    55 Itoopie:: I2P Official Mascot. Fluffy toys coming soon!
    7 == enci2pedia's database ==
    9 === General ===
     7= enci2pedia's database =
    119Maybe we can make use of some of [http://darrob.i2p/#enci2pedia enci2pedia's] factoids here.
    1513I generally publish enci2pedia's db here by the way: http://darrob.i2p/factoids/
    17 === Selection of Factoids ===
    19 I went through the factoid database and tried to delete all <alias> definitions, joke entries etc. What is left is obviously still way too much but I didn't want to be overly strict on the first edit.
    21 ==== I2P terminology ====
    22 ===== singular =====
     15== I2P terminology ==
     16=== singular ===
    2317 Addressbook:: <reply> The I2P addressbook manages .i2p addresses, similar to your OS's hosts file. See http://www.i2p2.i2p/faq.html#subscriptions.
    2418 bandwidth:: Your bandwidth is configured on http://localhost:7657/config.jsp . All rates in I2P are specified in bytes per second. Divide your connection rate in bits per second by 8 to get bytes per second.
    6155 zzzot:: an open tracker plugin. It sets up a tunnel automatically. The statistics page is at . There is no admin interface.
    63 ===== plural =====
     57=== plural ===
    6458 b32 addresses:: shorter addresses to eepsites (shorter than b64) that don't have to be registered anywhere. You can find the b32 address of your eepsite by clicking on the preview button in your eepsite tunnel entry here: http://localhost:7657/i2ptunnel/index.jsp
    6559 Darknets:: closed communication networks. I2P falls into that category. See
    7266 ports:: <reply> You'll need to make sure that your router is reachable from the outside. The following link will help you set up your ports correctly: http://localhost:7657/config.jsp#chelp
    74 ==== I2P related ====
    75 ===== singular =====
     68== I2P related ==
     69=== singular ===
    7670 addressbook update:: The interval for updating the addressbook from the subscriptions is 12 hours by default. Change the subscription list to force an update immediately.
    7771 CIA-1:: <reply>CIA-1 is a bot that reports commits to the I2P monotone database. Ask me about <monotone>.
    9589 vulpine:: a link between irc servers outside and irc2p servers inside i2p. The nick of the person is shown after <vulpine>
    97 ===== plural =====
    99 ==== Not I2P related ====
    100 ===== singular =====
     91=== plural ===
     93== Not I2P related ==
     94=== singular ===
    10195 DATA statement:: <reply>The primary purpose of the DATA statement is to give names to constants; instead of referring to pi as 3.141592653589793 at every appearance, the variable PI can be given that value with a DATA statement and used instead of the longer form of the constant.  This also simplifies modifying the program, should the value of pi change. -- FORTRAN manual for Xerox Computers
    10296 Encryption:: the process of transforming information (referred to as plaintext) using an algorithm (called cipher) to make it unreadable to anyone except those possessing special knowledge, usually referred to as a key.
    10397 Search engine:: <reply> http://eepsites.i2p/ is an I2P internal search engine.
    105 ===== plural =====
     99=== plural ===
    106100 Factoids:: these little tidbits of information that an infobot can give you.
    108 ==== Hosting & File Sharing ====
    109 ===== singular =====
     102== Hosting & File Sharing ==
     103=== singular ===
    110104 BitTorrent:: <reply> You can use BitTorrent on I2P. However, be aware that you cannot connect to trackers or clients on the <outernet>. Ask me about <BitTorrent clients> or <BitTorrent trackers>.
    111105 Browsing eepsites:: <reply> To be able to browse eepsites you'll have to configure your browser according to <proxy settings>. Once that's done you'll be able to access .i2p domains just like normal web domains. Also add some <subscriptions>.
    132126 Transmission:: a BitTorrent client. There is also a port of it that works for I2P-internal torrents. See http://echelon.i2p for more details.
    134 ===== plural =====
     128=== plural ===
    135129 BitTorrent clients:: applications that manage file transfers using the <BitTorrent> protocol. The following clients work on I2P and you can ask me about them individually: I2PSnark, I2PSnarkXL, I2P-BT, I2P Rufus, Transmission, PyBit and Robert.
    136130 BitTorrent trackers:: sites dedicated to offering bittorrent downloads. You can find a list of the most widely used ones in I2PSnark's webconsole at http://localhost:7657/i2psnark/. The most popular tracker is http://tracker2.postman.i2p/.
    138 ==== Tools ====
    139 ===== singular =====
     132== Tools ==
     133=== singular ===
    140134 -no-remote:: a Firefox command line option that lets you run separate <Firefox profiles> at the same time. See
    141135 Apache:: a webserver you can use to serve <eepsites> (default is <Jetty>). All you have to do is tweak the existing eepsite server settings to match your Apache port. Make sure it doesn't leak information. See also: http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=194#578
    165159 wget:: a utility for downloading network data. It reads the http_proxy environment variable. Set it to localhost:4444 to be able to retrieve files from I2P. Also see <eepget>.
    167 ===== plural =====
     161=== plural ===
    168162 Browser profiles:: a way to run several different browser configurations at the same time (i.e. web and I2P). For Firefox try 'firefox -P -no-remote'. Alternatively you could install the <FoxyProxy> extension.
    169163 Browsers:: <reply> You should be able to use all web browsers with I2P, but not all are equally qualified for anonymous networks. Use Firefox when in doubt and ask me about Firefox extensions.
    173167 Newsreaders:: used to read and post to <news servers>. Here is a list newsreaders: I can give you a few hints on how to configure <slrn> for I2P.
    175 ==== Other networks ====
    176 ===== singular =====
     169== Other networks ==
     170=== singular ===
    177171 FLIP:: <reply> FLIP (Freenet Lightweight IRC Program) is an application to provide chat over Freenet using the IRC protocol. See
    178172 Freenet proxy:: <reply> There is a Freenet proxy at http://fproxy.tino.i2p/.
    187181 Tor:: an anonymous network very similar to I2P, but unlike I2P it focuses on anonymous access to the open web. We consider the two as being complimentary. See &
    189 ===== plural =====
     183=== plural ===
    190184 Freesites:: web pages on Freenet. See
    191185 Other networks:: being listed here:
    193 ==== Networking ====
    194 ===== singular =====
     187== Networking ==
     188=== singular ===
    195189 Creating tunnels:: <reply> To setup a new I2P tunnel go to: http://localhost:7657/i2ptunnel/index.jsp
    196190 GarliCat:: <reply> GarliCat creates a transparent IP layer on top of I2P. It transmits any kind of IP-based data transparently through the I2P network. See and http://echelon.i2p/garlicat/.
    208202 VPN:: <reply> VPNs (virtual private networks) are a very useful tool. For the purpose of staying anonymous those commercial VPN providers that are being hyped everywhere are useless though. Be careful.
    210 ===== plural =====
     204=== plural ===
    211205 Proxy servers:: servers that act as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. Potentially useful proxies for I2P are 'Privoxy', 'Polipo' and 'Squid', which can even be used in combination.
    212206 Proxy settings:: HTTP address and port 4444. Related: <browser profiles>/<FoxyProxy>/<Privoxy>, <subscriptions>
    213207 SSH tunnel settings:: <reply> To create the necessary tunnels run 'ssh -L7657: -L4444: $USER@$SERVER' or set the LocalForwards in your ~/.ssh/config accordingly.
    215 ==== Communication ====
    216 ===== singular =====
     209== Communication ==
     210=== singular ===
    217211 howtoirc:: <reply> Dear visitors, you can connect to the anonymous I2P IRC servers directly by adding a server with the address and port 6668 (no proxy) in your client.
    218212 I2P Status:: a <Twitter>-like microblogging service on I2P: http://status.h2ik.i2p/. There is also http://annontwitter.i2p/.
    234228 wiki:: <reply> see http://ugha.i2p
    236 ===== plural =====
     230=== plural ===
    237231 IRC servers:: <reply> I know of the following I2P IRC servers: irc.postman.i2p/irc.freshcoffee.i2p (here), irc.welterde.i2p and irc.telecomix.i2p. You cannot connect to regular internet IRC servers. See <IRC tunnel> and <SOCKS5 IRC poxy> for help on how to connect.
    238232 IRC tunnels:: <reply> The standard IRC tunnel listens on port 6668. To connect with xchat (for example) connect to (no proxy). Alternatively you can setup a <SOCKS5 IRC proxy>.
    240 ==== Dangers ====
    241 ====== singular ======
     234== Dangers ==
     235==== singular ====
    242236 Anonymity on I2P:: <reply> Anonymity is not a boolean - we are not trying to make something "perfectly anonymous", but instead are working at making attacks more and more expensive to mount. I2P is a low latency mix network, and there are limits to the anonymity offered by such a system, but the applications on top of I2P, such as Syndie, I2P mail, and I2PSnark extend it to offer both additional functionality and protection.
    243237 Anonymity:: a broad subject. Most importantly it's not a boolean. You may want to ask me about the <disclaimer> or <staying safe>.
    246240 Staying safe:: <reply> Staying safe on anonymous networks requires discipline regarding the information you give away as well as a secure and trustworthy computer system.
    248 ===== plural =====
     242=== plural ===