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    1111 The I2P development team is an international group (with both anonymous and known participants) looking to provide anonymity for internet users through an overlay network. To achieve this goal, I2P uses onion routing (an encryption layer is added for each router messages need to pass) for this goal, somewhat similar to Tor. Multiple applications work directly on the network (web browsing, e-mail, IRC, ...), while others are available by integrating into the I2P API (eg. Bittorrent, iMule ...). [[BR]] The project was formed in 2003. There were eight official releases in 2008, and one so far this year. It has a rapidly growing user base of about 700-1000 users at any time and over 3000 unique users per month. Members of the group attended 25C3 in Berlin in 2008, and will give talks about I2P at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage and Pet-Con this month. One of the lead developers recently gave an interview to . While somewhat similar to Tor, the project has distinctly different goals. It is focused on the development of a internal network services ("hidden services" in Tor terms) rather than anonymous proxying to the regular internet. These I2P services are generally faster and better-suited to anonymous communication than Tor hidden services. [[BR]] The project is a large and complex Java application with almost 200KLOC. The project will be of interest to those exploring networking, cryptography, distributed databases, multiple transport protocols, anonymity, and debugging widely distributed, networked applications.
    1212 1. Why is your organization applying to participate in GSoC 2009? What do you hope to gain by participating?[[BR]]
    13  We wish to attract more developers to the project to increase our development speed. In addition, we wish to gain publicity for I2P to create a larger community (which also improves the anonymity of the users).
     13 Multiple developers work on the I2P project, but we would like to get some extra people involved. As I2P is an anonymity and security project, it's important for us to get a lot of peer review ('many eyeballs'-principle). Extra developers would also allow an increased focus on less 'evolved' parts of the project.
     14 Another important reason for us to apply is the publicity and community size. By drawing additional attention to the I2P project, we believe it's possible to increase the size of the community. This would in turn improve the anonymity of the users.
    1415 1. What is the main public mailing list for your group?[[BR]]