Distributed data storage on I2P

Providing files from an eepsite can be slow (a 20 kBps download can turn into a 2 kBps download or simply stop if too many visitors are interested), the eepsite can go offline for a while, and uploading files may take a lot of resources from the host. To remove these problems, a distributed data storage system could be built on top of I2P. Such a system could, amongst other things, be used to facilitate I2P upgrades inside of the network.The networking backend would probably be based on the Datagram API, which gives almost the greatest possible flexibility, while taking care of most of the crypto bits. For a more complete listing of all possible API's look here.


dijjer: WIP
yafan WIP



Required skills

  • Java
  • Basic knowledge how DHT's work

Monotone branches

  • [branch:i2p.yafan i2p.yafan]
  • [branch:i2p.eepdijj i2p.eepdijj]



  • Initial work has been done on both Dijjer and Yafan.
  • Either Dijjer (which also needs improvements like SHA instead of MD5) or Yafan can be used for a data storage system.

Possible mentors

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