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Distributed data storage on I2P

Providing files from an eepsite can be slow (a 20 kBps download can turn into a 2 kBps download or simply stop if too many visitors are interested), the eepsite can go offline for a while, and uploading files may take a lot of resources from the host. To remove these problems, a distributed data storage system could be built on top of I2P. Such a system could, amongst other things, be used to facilitate I2P upgrades inside of the network.

Difficulty: difficult


dijjer: WIP
yafan WIP

Required skills

  • Java
  • Basic knowledge how DHT's work

Monotone branches



  • Initial work has been done on both Dijjer and Yafan.
  • Either Dijjer (which also needs improvements like SHA instead of MD5) or Yafan can be used for a data storage system.

Possible mentors

  • zzz
  • welterde