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Distributed wiki on I2P (either porting or from scratch)

Websites on I2P are often shortlived, which causes information to get lost. Over the course of the years, there have been multiple wikis on i2p, but only one has been online for a considerable time: ugha.i2p . To remove the risk of losing valuable data, a distributed wiki would be extremely useful. It should be possible to host the wiki both on I2P websites (eepsites) as on regular ones (to allow people without I2P to contribute as well).




medium(depends on, which way you go)

Required skills

  • Programming knowledge, either desktop programming or web programming (for a wiki frontend)


  • Distributed data storage on I2P (optional — only if such a wiki is built on a distributed data storage system)
  • Distributed version control systems (optional — only if such a wiki is built on top of a distributed version control system)