Distributed Domain Name System (DNS)

The current DNS system (which goes by the name SusiDNS) is extremely simple. The routing through the network causes extra latency, so a traditional DNS system would not be possible/slow down I2P. This is why the current system uses a textfile on the local computer, containing the destinations of eepsites. Updates are retrieved by getting the textfiles from 'trusted' eepsites. As an alternative, there is a system using base32 hostnames, like in Tor. The idea for this task would be that the DNS system needs to turn into a distributed, easily updatable system.



Required skills

  • Java
  • Understanding of DNS
  • Understanding of the current system being used


  • Naming docs
  • [source:core/java/src/net/i2p/client/naming Main part of the system]
  • [source:apps/susidns Susidns] - Used for editing the hosts file and subscriptions

Possible mentors

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