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Port I2P to Android

Android support has been started but is not working yet. Several memory hogs have ben tweaked or significantly modified to fit the router in the Android heap limit of 16MB. We have also taken advantage of the split-directory work to make I2P run on Android.

The JVM crashes in native code when UDP is enabled - use debugging tools to isolate the issue and file a report with the Android team, or identify the bug in I2P.

The BigInteger? code is exceedingly slow, and returns bad results. Isolate and file a report with Android, or move to a natively compiled gmp library (either using the Android NDK or our own .so loader), or the native SSL library (as some Android docs imply).

Once these two blocking issues are resolved, the next wave of bugs and tasks should reveal itself.

A new GUI must be designed from scratch, or the existing routerconsole must be completely reworked.


very hard

Monotone branch

  • [branch:i2p.i2p i2p.i2p]

Required skills

  • Java
  • Android

Possible mentors