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    11= Separate Code and Data for Easy Packaging =
    2 The java libs and the router data files are all in the same place, violating requirements for most Linux packages. Handle data files in the user's directory, or in a central location separate from the libraries. This affects the wrapper, the router, and all apps. Decide how to auto-update, and if the central code location is not writable, write to a separate user directory for the code. Must be compatible with the existing everything-in-one-place system. [[BR]]
     2Previously, the Java libs and the router data files were all in the same place, violating requirements for most Linux packages.
     4A year ago, the installation was split in two. However, there are continuing problems. The "split" installation irritates people who want to use I2P in a net cafe. The data files are harder to find on Windows, as they are in %APPDATA% which is a hidden directory. Temporary files are a problem on both Linux and Windows, as multiple users on the same machine will have permission problems writing to log and PID files in a common temp directory. A common temp directory on the computer's hard drive may also contain files from a "portable" installation.
     6Perhaps split-install should be an option, or non-split should be the default on Windows.
     8Or perhaps go the other direction, and have a 3rd, non-hidden, directory by default for some files such as i2psnark, so that users can find them easier.
     10The task may also involve improvement and testing of our Ubuntu/Debian .deb package, using the split directory installation.
     12 [[BR]]
    414== Difficulty ==