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    105105=== Required skills ===
    106106 * Java
     110== Finish uPnP Support ==
     111uPnP support is implemented but not merged into the main branch yet. There is no configuration in the UI yet. The uPnP status needs to be put on the configuration page. The IP address discovered from uPnP is not used by the router. [[BR]]
     112'''Difficulty:''' medium-hard
     113=== Required skills ===
     114 * Java
     118== Port I2P to Android ==
     119Android support has been started but not merged into the main branch yet. Several memory hogs need to be tweaked or significantly modified to fit the router in the Android heap limit of 16MB. Dozens of places in the code use new File, new FileInputStream, or new FileOutputStream, these must be modified to meet the Android private file location requirement. Socket open calls must be modified. A new GUI must be designed from scratch, or the existing routerconsole must be completely reworked. [[BR]]
     120'''Difficulty:''' hard-very hard-impossible
     121=== Required skills ===
     122 * Java
     126== Separate Code and Data for Easy Packaging ==
     127The java libs and the router data files are all in the same place, violating requirements for most Linux packages. Handle data files in the user's directory, or in a central location separate from the libraries. This affects the wrapper, the router, and all apps. Decide how to auto-update, and if the central code location is not writable, write to a separate user directory for the code. Must be compatible with the existing everything-in-one-place system. [[BR]]
     128'''Difficulty:''' medium-hard
     129=== Required skills ===
     130 * Java
     134== Other Ideas and Further Information ==
     135See zzz's Todo lists