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    11= Application template =
    2  1. What idea would you like to work on? Please work out a general description. Also include a more detailed explanation, with the project broken down in different parts (if possible, include a timeline).
    3  1. Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what do you study, other information about yourself.
    4  1. Why did you choose I2P? What's your motivation, and why this specific idea?
    5  1. Do you intend to work full time on the project, or do you have other obligations? If possible, give us a timeline.
     2 1. Personal information
     3   a. Name
     4   a. E-mail
     5   a. Instant Messaging contact information
     6   a. Phone number (optional: in case we lose contact)
     7   a. College/University
     8   a. Study/Major
     9   a. Schedule
     10     1. How much time (weekly) will you spend on GSoC?
     11     1. Are there any periods during GSoC during which you will not be able to work fulltime on the project (and state which periods -- for example exams)?
     12   a. Extra information you would like to share
     13 1. Technical information
     14   a. Why do you want to participate in GSoC?
     15   a. Why did you choose I2P? Why do you wish to work on it?
     16   a. Tell us more about your education (what does it involve?) and development knowledge (history, programming languages ...).
     17 1. Project idea
     18   a. Short introduction
     19   a. Detailed explanation
     20   a. What is the expected timeline?
     21   a. Why is your idea useful for I2P?
    622 1. Are there any additional reasons we should pick you to work on I2P?