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aptitude install cnews
# Only up to debian lenny
aptitude install nntp
# Only up to debian etch



Configure the hostname for mail(Make sure it's the same as the one used in the uucp configuration!)



Configure the hostname for news(Make sure it's the same as the one used in the uucp configuration!)



Which Organization should go into the Organization header line.



Configure a simple outgoing feed.

# Accept everything

# run a simple outgoing feed


Default cron configuration.

# process incoming uucp batches
00,15,30,45     *    *   *   *   news   test -f /usr/lib/news/input/newsrun && /usr/lib/news/input/newsrun
# prepare outgoing uucp batches
40              *    *   *   *   news   test -f /usr/lib/news/batch/sendbatches && /usr/lib/news/batch/sendbatches
# searches for indications of problems
05,35           *    *   *   *   news   test -f /usr/lib/news/maint/newswatch && /usr/lib/news/maint/newswatch 3000 300 100


Configure how to generate outgoing uucp batches.

# 500KB, after compress, is 4 minutes at 1000cps
# 20 batches is somewhat arbitrary, about 5MB per site

# site          class   size    queue   command
# ----          -----   ----    -----   -------
# defaults:  cunbatch header, transfer by uux
# /default/     u       500000  20      batcher | compcun | viauux

# small batches for slow modem (120cps), simple compression
# pluto         u       100000  10      batcher | compress | viauux

# system that wants 12-bit compress, cunbatch header, and grade "z"
# dewey         u       500000  20      batcher | compcun -b12 | viauux -gz

# use gzip, intensively -- this link is expensive and CPU is free -- and
#  set the upper limit for batch size to 3/4 meg rather than default
# huey  u       500000-750000   20      batcher | gzip -9 | viauux -d gunzip
foo             u       500000  20      batcher | gzip -9 | viauux -d gunzip

# NNTP link
# donald                n       40000   -       usenntpxmit

# sample ihave/sendme setup (you are not expected to understand this)
# louie.wehave  u       40000   20      batchih | viainews
# louie.ihave   u       40000   20      batchsm | viainews
# louie.sendme  u       40000   20      batchra


Configure, which control messages are supposed to be processed in which way.

# Dave Lawrence runs the main Usenet hierarchies
#comp,sci,misc,news,rec,soc,talk       n       y
# but his name can be forged, so don't let him rmgroup...
#comp,sci,misc,news,rec,soc,talk       r       n
# and nobody else gets any attention in these hierarchies
#comp,sci,misc,news,rec,soc,talk        any                     nr      nq

# same for Jim McIntosh in bit
#bit                          n       y
#bit                          r       n
#bit                            any                     nr      nq

# ClariNet newgroups come from this address
#clari                   n       yv
# You can turn this on, at the risk of accepting forged rmgroups
#clari                   r       nv
# And that's all for ClariNet.
#clari                          any                     nr      nq

# it's really tempting to change this one to nq...
#alt                            any                     nr      nv

# to.all groups are manually manipulated only
#to                             any                     nr      nq

# final default:  refuse noisily
all                             any                     nr      nv

Create a usenet group(local only)

In case you want this group locally only or miss the creategroup control message.

cnewsdo addgroup mysite.test y



nntp    stream    tcp    nowait   news /usr/sbin/tcpd  /usr/lib/news/nntp/nntpd