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7:30 PM (19:30) UTC Tues. Nov. 27


#i2p-dev in irc2p,EIN and/or freenode


  • Network health
    • IRC
    • Growth (how do we get i2p out there?)
  • IRL events (CCC, Cryptoparties..)
  • Merging Fux improvements into trunk
  • Website
    • - Mirroring
    • - SSL
  • Progress
  • Next meeting
  • Any other notes from participants, etc

Past Meeting Bullet Points

  • Russian User Support: Russians are the top country using I2P at this time, followed by USA and Germany. We know of one dedicated russian user providing help in our IRC channel #ru (also see next point). If we add to this area, that would be great.
    • Complementing the above issue would be to have our irc operators redirect either #ru → #i2p-ru or vice versa, there seems to be conflicting advice given to russian users asking for directions in this area.
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