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Added man pages to agenda.

When and Where

[ Tuesday Dec. 4 ]
UTC/GMT  8:00pm
EST      3:00pm
CST      2:00pm
PST     12:00am
#i2p-dev on irc2P, Freenode, and/or OFTC


  • More organizational changes/updates
    • Ask welt for update regarding mailing list
    • Bring status updates back? Integrate with mailing list?
  • dg on Schnaubelt's behalf regarding his man pages work
  • CCC workshop/lightning talk discussion
  • Website revamp updates
  • Any other notes from participants, etc
  • Next meeting

Past Meeting Bullet Points


  • Network Health - IRC
    • Russian User Support: Russians are the top country using I2P at this time, followed by USA and Germany. We know of one dedicated russian user providing help in our IRC channel #ru (also see next point). If we add to this area, that would be great. Since most of the network is russian it makes sense to make sure they get quality help so they are running their router optimally.
    • Complementing the above issue would be to have our irc operators redirect either #ru → #i2p-ru or vice versa, there seems to be conflicting advice given to russian users asking for directions in this area. *
      KillYourTV	user 'slow' fits there
      KillYourTV	(and he's nearly always in #ru)
      dg	btw, #ru has users, #i2p-ru does not
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