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    2929I2P is aimed in general towards people seeking the anonymity that can be provided by a low-latency network. The project is aimed specifically towards providing services INSIDE the network (contrary to, for example, Tor, which aims to provide anonymous access to websites and other services that are available on the 'regular' net), and people interested in these. That can mean people wanting to put up an anonymous website or torrent tracker, or people wishing to make use of only these anonymous services.
     31'''Requested amount:''' 2360 euro
     33'''Which parts of the project will NLnet's contribution be used for?'''
     34The contribution will be used to fund a developer to work on the creation/porting of a distributed data store for I2P. This would allow providing internal services (to some degree) while the original content owner is offline, automatic distributed mirroring of content and redundant hosting of updates to I2P or its applications. Especially providing easy redundancy to the I2P updates would be extremely beneficial to the project. It's one of the few points where I2P is still centralized (only a few internal websites that host the updates).
     36'''Compare your own project with existing projects; what's new and original?'''
     38'''How will you promote these developments to your target community?'''