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Organization: I2P - The Invisible Internet Project

Country: Belgium

Project name: I2P - The Invisible Internet Project

Abstract (explain the whole project):

I2P functions as an overlay network, on top of the internet. It relays messages through several peers and encrypts these messages multiple times (creating an 'onionlike' structure, which is why the technique is known as 'onion routing'. Each peer can peel off a single layer of the message encryption).This structure allows anonymity for the sender and receiver of messages. Applications can run on top of this network, either by using it as a regular proxy to other nodes (browsers use it this way), or by implementing the I2P API.

Amongst the main features of I2P are:

  • Anonymity for sender and receiver of messages through onion routing and cover traffic provided by the network
  • Internal anonymous services (websites, e-mail, torrent trackers, irc servers…)
  • An active project, with regular releases worked on by multiple developers. A growing project as well, with increasing numbers in both developers and users.
  • Multiple programs using the I2P API to provide extra services (anonymous blogging software, torrent applications,
  • By default, all users route traffic for each other, which adds cover traffic to the network, improving the anonymity of the users and the capacity of the network.
  • Development of applications on top of I2P in any programming language, due to a simple socket interface for programs.

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