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Connecting to Irc2P using Pidgin

Brief Version

  1. Start I2P and wait a few minutes for your router to bootstrap onto the network.
  2. Start Pidgin and connect to on port 6668 without a proxy.
  3. Select Join a Chat from the Buddies menu.

Longer Version

  1. Start I2P and wait 3-4 minutes until the Shared Clients destination shows a green star next to it.

  1. Start Pidgin and click the Add button on the Accounts window.

Add IRC Account 1

  1. On the Basic tab, make sure the Protocol is set to IRC. Put your desired nickname in the Username box, and set the server to

  1. Click the Advanced tab and change the port to 6668. Fill out the Username and Real name fields if you'd like. WARNING: Any information set here will be visible in other users' IRC clients by using the /whois command.

  1. Click the Proxy tab. Set the proxy type to No Proxy. At this point you can click Add.

  1. Pidgin will attempt to connect to Irc2P. Once connected you'll have a green dot next to Available. Click the Buddies menu and select Join a Chat.

  1. You can get a list of channels (or rooms as Pidgin calls them) by clicking the Room List button. You can also specify a channel to join manually.

  1. Once you click the Join button you'll enter the channel and can start chatting.

After joining a room

Other channels can be joined using the /join command, such as /join #i2p. Use commas to join multiple channels at once, e.g. /join #i2p,#i2p-chat,#salt,#i2p-help. Use /part to leave a channel.

More information about IRC (not I2P specific) can be found at

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