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All translation is now done on Transifex:

Translation help inside I2P: http://zzz.i2p/forums/14-translation-howtos-and-discussion

For help: IRC #i2p-dev on freenode or inside I2P or via

New Languages

Please request on Transifex. Do not request "language (country)", it will be denied. Request the plain "language" instead.

Resource priorities

Highest; website (higher priority)

High: routerconsole, debconf, i2prouter-script, welcome

Medium: i2psnark, i2ptunnel, streaming, susidns, susimail, proxy, Android, All website resources not listed above or below

Low: getopt, itoopie, countries, Syndie, website (misc), website (docs)

Don't bother: desktopgui, Robert

Resources not on Transifex

Big router help page ("readme"), Welcome to your Website page, …

Copy and edit, then let us know on IRC #i2p-dev where to get it, we will copy it in.

Related I2P Projects

Put links to associated projects and Transifex pages here

Tips on Formatting and Strings


Other Helpful Hints



Main I2P package

routerconsole, i2ptunnel, i2psnark, streaming, susidns, susimail, proxy, welcome, countries, getopt, desktopgui, debconf, i2prouter-script

We generally announce a deadline for a release about a week to ten days in advance. Just before the announcement, we will push the new strings to Transifex. This is the best time to update your translations.


Generally released shortly after the main I2P package. Checkin deadline will be a few days after the main package deadline.


Other Applications

Robert has not had a release in years.

I2P-Bote has not had a release in a while, but hopefully will soon.


Strings updated occasionally. Translate anytime.